Hidden Springs, Idaho is not only Kate Nelson’s market of expertise, it’s also where she lives!

Nestled between Eagle and Boise, Idaho, Hidden Springs is a master-planned community in the Dry Creek Valley just north of downtown Boise. With a picturesque setting and neighborhood streets reminiscent of Mayberry, it is one of the most sought-after communities in the Boise area. The listings go quickly and are proving to be amazing investments. To learn more about the community, call Hidden Springs neighbor & REALTOR® Kate Nelson at (208) 488-8150.

Outdoor space in Hidden Springs, Idaho
In the middle of a pandemic, at least Hidden Springs kids can talk to each other over the fence (while I prune the crab apple trees).
Kate Nelson, Realtor in Hidden Springs with children
Definitely not the best picture of me, but who cares when it’s a balmy 50-degrees in February and the Hidden Springs sidewalks are calling our names!
rolling hills hidden springs
One of the things I love about Hidden Springs is that our open space backs up to some ranching parcels. That means that every once in a while, a cow gets loose in the neighborhood!
Hidden Springs Idaho Community Center Crafts 2019
He loved the craft this year at Holly Jolly Holidays.
Lifestyle photo in Hidden Springs, ID
Holly Jolly Holidays: We were so excited to take a picture with the reindeer that we forgot to pet her and had to get in line a 2nd time!
Haunted Farm House - Lifestyle in Hidden Springs, ID
My 3-year old’s first time at Haunted Happenings, arguably the biggest event in Hidden Springs… we go a little crazy at Halloween!
Hidden Springs Community Barn
Community events in Hidden Springs be like… (and no one will steal your baby jogger, either). This year, Old Time Farm Days had sack races, and watching grown men in this competition was the highlight!
Sunset in Hidden Springs, Idaho
Today I watched both the sunrise and sunset from my Hidden Springs home, and both were pink! Fall’s here!
Hidden Springs, ID
An eventful summer in Hidden Springs: Cavity-free at Hidden Springs Dental, happenstance horseback ride while taking a walk, and composting at the Hidden Springs Community Farm.
Parade in Summer 2019 in Hidden Springs ID
Our 4th of July parade & social was another fun Hidden Springs event. Candy thrown from the floats? My boys’ favorite part!
Hidden Springs Idaho - nicest place to live Finalist in Reader's Digest
Reader’s Digest has named Hidden Springs a finalist!  If you know Hidden Springs is a special place, please vote every 24 hours until July 21st!
Hidden Springs Idaho
The Hidden Springs Annual Car Show is more about cars! It’s about hanging out with your neighbors and food trucks. : ) But of course, my boys liked the armored vehicle best.
Easter Hunt in Hidden Springs, ID 2019
Hidden Springs' annual Easter Egg Hunt!
It was a beautiful morning for Hidden Springs’ annual Easter Egg Hunt! These kids were efficient and it was over in less than ten minutes. Then to the Merc for $5 mimosas. : )
Views in Hidden Springs, Idaho
Well, what do you know – Hidden Springs is at the end of the rainbow! Showing some amazing signs of spring in the foothills. (Photo credit: Lauren Tyler, @blondierocket – her photo was much better than mine!)
Streets in Hidden Springs, ID
The photo doesn’t capture it, but the sky this morning looked like a watercolor painting!
hidden springs idaho
Taking a break from our sock snowman craft to share a cookie at Jolly Holly Holidays.
snow in hidden springs idaho
First snow in Hidden Springs!
Hidden Springs Idaho country setting
The trail by the old barn and farmstead in November.
views in Hidden Springs Idaho
Even as fall comes to a close, Hidden Springs is beautiful! #openspace
fire house in Hidden Springs Idaho
Dry Creek Mercantile in Hidden Springs Idaho
The Hidden Springs Merc and firehouse come November.
Fall colors in Hidden Springs Idaho
Hidden Springs “Autumn Blaze” maples along the sidewalks.
Open Spaces in Hidden Springs Idaho
Lovely walk to the clubhouse to vote!
Halloween in Hidden Springs Idaho
Getting Halloween started! We were fisher-people, if you couldn’t guess.
Haunted Happenings in Hidden Springs Idaho
Haunted Happenings – a community Halloween event in Hidden Springs.
tractor in hidden springs idaho
Old Time Farm Day in October had plenty of activities, but obviously the tractors were the best part!
open space views in Hidden Springs Idaho
Why would you live anywhere else? #hiddensprings
fall in Hidden Springs Idaho
Autumn leaves starting to turn in Hidden Springs.
potluck in Hidden Springs Idaho
The Hidden Springs Farm volunteers potluck: it will ruin you for all other potlucks – man, these people can cook!
Hidden Springs Idaho farm harvest
We ate like royalty for over two weeks after the Hidden Springs Farm harvest. I put my bounty in the sink to wash, and just had to take a picture. #earlyholidaypounds
farm harvest Hidden Springs Idaho
The weather is cooling, and time to harvest the Hidden Springs farm! Raspberries, mmm…
Hidden Springs Idaho open parks
Playing in the Hidden Springs orchard on a warm fall day.
hiking views in Hidden Springs Idaho
View of Hidden Springs during a late-summer hike on Upper Ridge Trail.
sunsets in Hidden Springs Idaho
Dusty summer sunset seen from our Hidden Springs backyard!