Hidden Springs is a special place.  

Kate loves meeting with prospective buyers and giving tours of the neighborhood.  You will start out at the Merc where she points out the vacation rentals on the 2nd story and tells you the $5 mimosas have just the right amount of “color.”  When you drive out of the parking lot, you’ll see the first model homes of Hidden Springs and learn they still retain their original colors.  As you continue down Hidden Springs Drive, Kate might talk about the surprisingly modern condos above Bohemian Rogue Salon and Dr. Bybee’s dental office.  Taking a right, you’ll see Andy’s Gulch, a quiet street lined with unique homes and crab-apple trees.

Kate will take you down the gravel road to the farm where she’ll point out the bee hives and explain the rules of the compost pile.  If you’re lucky, you’ll stop by the farmstead for a photo op with the goats and chickens.  When you continue past the open space, she says, “You’re probably wondering why we’re watering the weeds.  The water is reclaimed – don’t play in it! – and it’s to keep the fire risk down.”  At that point, she gestures to a large, newer-looking house and tells you the story of how the home before caught on fire. If you’re interested, she’ll give you a brief rundown on why Hidden Springs Station 20 is unstaffed.  

You’ll continue up N. Humphreys where she’ll point out her house and complain about her never-ending fight to rid the magnolias of the goutweed. Then she’ll turn around and take you toward the near-hidden bike park, dog-park-in-name-only, and the Dry Creek trails.  If you’re worried about how far your mortgage dollar will go in Hidden Springs, she’ll drive you by specific houses that recently sold within your price range before heading back to the Merc.

Contact Kate for a private tour of Boise’s Hidden Springs!