In the spring of 2019, a home two blocks away from Kate’s caught on fire and a neighbor quickly called 911.  Emergency crews arrived in Hidden Springs over 15 minutes later.  Fortunately no one was home and no one was hurt, but the structure was a total loss.  Talk in the community after the event ranged from, “Why was the fire response so slow when we have a fire station just down the road?” to “Would the emergency response be any faster if someone were having a time-sensitive medical episode?”

Many residents were surprised to learn that aside from an old and inoperable fire engine, Hidden Springs Station #20 sits empty.  Ever a problem solver, Kate initiated a conversation on Hidden Springs’ NextDoor that evolved into a small coalition of neighbors meeting regularly to delegate fact-finding tasks, share learned information, and weigh options toward getting Station #20 staffed.  The Dry Creek Valley Fire & EMS Committee was formed.

In early 2020, the Committee initiated the SOS (“Staff Our Station”) Campaign in an effort to get more Dry Creek residents involved.  Members met with North Ada County’s Fire Commissioners, the Hidden Springs Town Council, and hosted a standing-room-only forum in the Clubhouse to discuss how to get Station #20 staffed.  It seems the efforts of the Dry Creek Valley Fire & EMS Committee have started to pay off. It is hoped and expected that Station #20 will begin minimal staffing in 2021. There will need to be more advocacy to ensure staffing grows as building continues in all areas of the Dry Creek Valley, including Cartwright Ranch, Dry Creek Ranch, and Avimor, all rapidly expanding developments which have delayed emergency response times.

If you would like to join the Dry Creek Valley Fire & EMS Committee or have questions about the fire station, Kate loves educating both current and prospective Hidden Springs residents about Station #20.

Hidden Springs fire station
Staff Our Station!