About Eagle & hidden springs, Idaho Realtor® Kate Nelson

The Calling of a Real Estate Agent

Kate started her real estate career in 2007 and has since worked in different roles within the profession, including brokerage compliance, residential rehabilitation, and property marketing.  She prides herself on prompt communication, keeping a pulse on the ever-changing market, and having superior knowledge of real estate contracts to negotiate the best deals for her buyers and sellers.  Kate commits to serving her clients directly, without the use of an assistant or transaction coordinator, and handles only three transactions at a time to ensure her clients receive the attention they deserve.  Kate is an experienced residential rehabber, and is passionate about guiding homeowners in the renovation process as she believes every homeowner is a real estate investor.  Kate specializes in the Boise, ID foothill communities, specifically Hidden Springs where she lives with her husband and two sons.

Besides knowing how your agent operates, Kate thinks it’s worthwhile to have a general idea of who your REALTOR® is.  Should you be interested in Kate’s path to real estate, call or text (208) 488-8150 with any questions or read below for a first-person account of her background:

Remember the career aptitude tests given in high school?  The ones you and all your friends had a laugh over because so-and-so was destined to be a chicken farmer? (no offense to chicken farmers… we need you!)  For some reason, that handy test decided I should be an engineer.  What a joke!  Sure, I loved order, systems, and problem solving, but I was struggling with calculus at the time and had just made first chair in jazz band.  My 17-year-old self knew better!

So I did what a lot of unguided youngsters do: try to find themselves at a liberal studies university.  I was a very efficient college student, graduating early and teaching middle school by the time I was (gulp) 21!  Two years later I was burned out and disillusioned with the public education system.  I retreated to Yosemite National Park for a few months, met some people who gave me wanderlust, and seized an opportunity to backpack through Europe.  I wasn’t ready to give up the romance of the road when the money ran out, and decided to give teaching one more try in South Korea.  Not only did I enjoy it this time around, but with my work week being under 30 hours, I had plenty of down time to discover new hobbies.  I found myself, a bit obsessively, looking online at one house after another; determining what tools I’d need to fix it up, assessing if it was a job I could do myself, researching best building practices… all this based on the pictures!  Rehab-fantasizing became a very satisfying pastime, which speaks volumes as this was also the time I met my future husband.

Isaiah Nelson and realtor Kate Nelson by Korean statue.
Freedom Bridge.

It was 2007 when I returned to the States, knowing I wanted to pursue a vocation in real estate.  With the Great Recession looming, my timing was less-than-perfect: I became a first-time homeowner at the height of the market and embarked on a real estate career right before the housing crisis.  I ended up working as an assistant for three different brokers as well as a manager at a real estate brokerage.  I stayed busy, learned quickly, and found that while I liked the idea of renovating houses, I enjoyed the process of helping people buy and sell homes even more.  My husband and I bought, renovated, and made a good profit on our next two homes (see them here and here).  If I wasn’t busy helping a client buy or sell a house, I was working on my own. I loved everything about houses! and I took pride in the fact that my entire life revolved around them.

Kate Nelson, Hidden Springs Real Estate Agent, working for real estate clients
Mild-mannered real estate agent by day…
Kate Nelson is not only a realtor but has also flipped houses.
…rehabber by night!

Life took over. I had a couple babies and left rehabbing behind (for now), but I think having a behind-the-walls knowledge of houses has helped me be a better real estate agent. Having a working knowledge of how homes age has not necessarily made me a better salesperson, but it allows me to direct my buyers toward the right house and the best home inspectors, and I’m able to help sellers make simple repairs to make their home more marketable.  When I hear clients say that I “know houses” or “walk the talk,” it validates the sore muscles, ruined clothes, and all the frustration at doing something three times over to get it right.  Turns out I might have the mind of an engineer after all, but I certainly didn’t miss my calling in becoming a real estate agent.


If you are looking for an honest, hard-working Hidden Springs Real Estate Agent, contact Kate Nelson at (208) 488-8150. She serves home buyers and sellers in Eagle and Hidden Springs, Idaho.