If you’re looking for an out-of-city lifestyle, the foothills of Boise, ID may call to you.  There are quite a few communities popping up in the foothills, but the ones I specialize in are in the western part of Ada County bordering Eagle.  Those communities would be Hidden Springs, Cartwright Ranch, Avimor, and Dry Creek Ranch.  All these communities have similar HOA rules and fees, currently about $400/quarter, including sewer.  If you don’t like living in an HOA neighborhood, you’ll still find properties dotting the foothills (and I sell those, too!), though they may be much spendier.

Hidden Springs, ID
A layout of where these four communities are in relation to each other.

Here are a few differences between these four communities:

Hidden Springs

Hidden Springs has an extra closing fee of 1/2% of the purchase price.  Hidden Springs is also the most established neighborhood as it is nearly 20 years old; nearly all the lots have already been built on, so there isn’t really any new construction.  Most homes in Hidden Springs show signs of age and out-datedness, and owners are starting to have to replace roofs and appliances.  However, Hidden Springs is a beautiful community with amenities you won’t find at the other three, like an elementary school, library, mercantile, and dentist.  There are miles of hiking trails and a community farm.  Homes range from $500,000 to over a million.

Dry Creek Ranch

Dry Creek Ranch homes have the largest sized lots and start in the $600s.  This is the least developed and the most expensive community between the four.  It has also received a decent amount of controversy since it was developed on and around prime farmland, and social media is abuzz about the lack of accountability the contractors have at cleaning up construction debris.  At the moment, there are only a handful of homes built.  DCR gives a buyer the opportunity to pick their lot and floor plan and build a semi-custom home, which are designed nicely.  DCR has lots sizeable for horses, and the long-term plan is that there will be a community farm and commercial buildings, just like Hidden Springs, and maybe even a school.


Avimor is the only community with a year-round pool!  Avimor is also the lowest-priced among the four developments with some homes selling in the $300,000 range.  These homes have few upgrades, and their setbacks are small and yards are tiny.  Even the pricier homes with views have small yards, though the open space around the community abounds with hiking trails.  The first phases of Avimor look well established, but this community still has new construction going on, and probably will for quite a while as development is planned to extend to the west side of Horseshoe Bend and north into Boise County.

Cartwright Ranch

Cartwright Ranch has a lot of new construction right now, and buyers can choose their own lot and floor plan or select finishes on a house already in the process of being built.  The homes in Cartwright Ranch are being designed very nicely with a lot of modern upgrades, though many have tiny yards, if yards at all.  Many homes in Cartwright Ranch have what is considered “no-scaping;” the only “yard” you may have is a side slab patio with just enough of a setback to plant some privacy plants.  Cartwright Ranch is adjacent to Hidden Springs and residents can share hiking trails, but not Hidden Springs events or pools, and it certainly has a different feel than Hidden Springs.  Base prices in Cartwright Ranch start in the 500s.

If you have any questions about Hidden Springs, Dry Creek Ranch, Avimor, or Cartwright Ranch, I am happy to help!

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